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34 Uses for Vinegar

34 Uses for Vinegar

Vinegar is awesome. It’s one of those magical things that have many different uses. Best of all, vinegar is super cheap and environmentally friendly. I keep two spray bottles at hand, one with pure white distilled vinegar and one with 50% vinegar and 50% water.

Around the House

1. Use vinegar to remove sticky residue from surfaces, including stickers left on furniture, counters, etc.

2. To remove a persistent room odor, leave a bowl of vinegar in the room for several hours.

3. To remove odors from fabrics, spray with diluted or pure vinegar, depending on the severity, let sit and rinse with warm water. If the fabric can be machine washed, throw it in the washing machine with 1 cup of vinegar.

4. For carpet stains, clean up as much as you can and then spray with diluted vinegar. Let stand for 2-5 minutes then blot with a clean, dry sponge or towel. Repeat as necessary.

5. Clean windows with vinegar and water. Wipe clean with non-linty cloth or newspaper for a streak-free shine.

6. To shine floors that aren’t waxed, clean with 1 cup vinegar to 1 gallon of water.

7. Dissolve 1 teaspoon salt into 1 cup vinegar and add ¼ cup flour to create a paste. Apply the past to silver, pewter, copper or brass items and let stand for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and polish as necessary.

8. Use a 1:1:4 ratio for vinegar, olive oil and warm water to clean wood paneling. Dry with a soft, clean cloth.

In the Bathroom

9. To clean showerheads or faucets, soak in vinegar overnight.

10. To remove stubborn build up on faucets, use a 1:4 ratio of salt and vinegar.

11. Remove toilet stains with vinegar.

12. To clean and prevent mildew, spray your shower and bath surfaces with vinegar.

13. Clean tile and linoleum floors with vinegar to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

In the Kitchen

14. You can clean pretty much everything in the kitchen with vinegar. While it does not kill 99.9% of germs, it’s a good household cleaner and has been proven to kill mold and inhibit the growth of E. coli. However, if someone in your household has a compromised immune system, a separate disinfectant may be necessary.

15. To keep ants away, spray vinegar on countertops, window sills, anywhere ants like to come in. If you find a trail of ants, clean it with vinegar to stop them from coming back.

16. If your sink or trash can is smelling funky, clean it out with vinegar. For a stinky garbage disposal, pour 1 cup vinegar in it and don’t use it for at least an hour.

17. To unclog a drain, first pour 1 cup baking soda then add 1 cup vinegar. When it finishes bubbling, rinse with warm water. Be careful of using this on a sink with a garbage disposal, it might not be happy with this method.

18. If your microwave has some funky odors and caked on food, microwave a bowl of 1:2 vinegar and water for 3-5 minutes, at least until it is boiling. Keep your microwave closed for a few minutes to let the steam do its magic.

19. Remove coffee or tea stains with vinegar and a little bit of salt.

20. To remove strong odors like fish from your hands, clean or soak in vinegar.

21. To clean pots and pans with burnt or caked on food, put vinegar, warm water and a small amount of dish soap and boil for a few minutes while stirring continuously.

22. Clean sponges with vinegar and lemon juice.

23. To clean your coffee pot, fill it with half water and half vinegar and run through a regular cycle (without the coffee). Run through again with just water to rinse it out.

Pet Care

24. Clean your dog’s ears with diluted vinegar on a cotton ball.

25. Once you’ve cleaned up an accident, use vinegar to remove any lingering stains and odors.

26. To keep cats off surfaces they shouldn’t be on, spray some vinegar. This will work for countertops or upholstery. Just be careful with fabrics and test a small area first to make sure it won’t discolor.

27. If Max has a run in with a skunk or another equally disgusting smell, clean their fur with diluted vinegar and rinse with warm water. Repeat as necessary.

Laundry & Clothing

28. Use vinegar to remove stains such as coffee, chocolate, ketchup, wine, etc.

29. Put 1 cup of vinegar in your rinse cycle to remove lint

30. Put 1 cup of vinegar in your rinse cycle to keep your colors bright

31. Put 1 cup of vinegar in your rinse cycle to keep your whites white

32. Put 1 cup of vinegar in your rinse cycle to remove any lingering smells

33. To remove detergent residue from your washing machine, run through a cycle with 1 cup vinegar.

34. To remove cigarette stains and smells, soak your clothes in warm water and vinegar.

13 Responses

  • Posted by Carrie on May 10, 2011

    Vinegar is amazing. I knew about most of this stuff, and was surprised with some of it. I cleaned out my yorkie’s ears this morning and the vinegar worked great. she usually puts up a fight, but this time she didn’t.

  • Posted by Alison on May 10, 2011

    A few years ago I went to only using vinegar in my rinse cycle instead of fabric softener. The vinegar softens the fabrics and doesn’t leave a film on my clothes. I even started using apple cider vinegar and it leaves a pleasant apple smell for a few days and then it disappears.

    Be careful about overspraying a room with vinegar though. It can become overwhelming. If you have a room that has a horrible smell, make sure to open the windows as you’re cleaning with vinegar and leave them open for a few more hours. Otherwise the pickle smell takes much longer to leave.

  • Posted by Chuck on May 22, 2011

    Wow! Thanks for the great tips! This should save $$$

  • Posted by Tammy on May 29, 2011

    Makes good salad dressing too 🙂

  • Posted by Sarah Bernheim on Jun 24, 2012

    It’s great to know that vinegar cannot just only be used for cooking. I enjoyed this blog as I have not thought before that vinegar is a useful household stuff.

  • Posted by Ginny on Oct 31, 2014

    Thank you! I never realized vinegar was used to clean so much. No one ever told me the power of cleaning with vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, etc. I’m gonna save lots of money because I’m never buying anymore cleaning products. Plus, I noticed my tub, sinks, and floors look and stay cleaner longer. I have saved this page so I don’t forget.

  • Posted by Tanya Spenser on Mar 12, 2015

    OMG!!! I had no idea that I can use the white vinegar as a cleaner! This is something completely new for me but I will definitely try these tips and tricks! East Finchley Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  • Posted by Nora Flint on May 28, 2015

    I know this one might be stretch for some who can’t imagine a vinegar smell being a better alternative to odors, but trust me on this one: getting rid of smoke odors and musty smells is easy with Cleaning Vinegar. For larger spaces, you just fill a small bowl half-way with vinegar and leave in the room overnight. No spraying chemicals into the air or masking odors with perfumes, vinegar does wonders at actually removing the odors.

  • Posted by Josh Sheehan on May 28, 2015

    What a great tip! I’ll be trying this the next time I accidently put damp logs in my fireplace! I generally like campfire smell, but not when it’s lingering for 5 days. Thanks for the great tip!

  • Posted by Faye Glass on Jun 24, 2015

    What a great list of tips! The laundry and clothing section is so useful, thank you for it! I use vinegar for surface cleaning in the kitchen only, and now I found new ideas for using it in the whole house. Greets!

  • Posted by Josh Sheehan on Jun 24, 2015

    Of course! It really is amazing how much stuff a simple household item like vinegar can be used for. Glad the tips helped!

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