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How long do you need to work to pay for something?

How long do you need to pay for something? - DaysToPay.comResisting temptation is something many of us struggle with, especially when it comes to spoiling ourselves and our loved ones. When you see that shiny new gadget or that beautiful silk blouse while shopping and have a hard time passing it up, maybe seeing it in another light will help. DaysToPay.com is a tool that calculates exactly how long you have to work to pay for something.

You enter your hourly wage or salary, how many days you work and your expenses and it spits out approximately how long it will take you to work off that iPod or that new TV. Days to Pay can even factor in your income tax if you live the United States, United Kingdom or Canada. You can also separately add in your daily and monthly expenses.

If you knew it would take you 1 day, 3 hours and 52 minutes to buy those $100 jeans, would you still buy them?

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