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I was greatly impressed at the amount David from BillCutterz was able to save me in such a short period of time. The process was painless and I ended up saving much more than I expected. Great job!

–Rob (Wellington, FL)

BillCutterz saved Monica and Ryan $1500 on their monthly bills

Meet Monica and Ryan

We saved them almost $1,500 on their monthly bills

  • Cable$337.32
  • Internet$365.40 + $100 Gift Card
  • Cell Phone$510.00
  • Satellite Radio$133.21
  • Home Security$48.00

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All I had to do was send my cell phone bill to BillCutterz and Veronica saved me over $200 a month for the next two years. She also saved me almost $50 a month on electricity.

– Mark (Austin, TX)

These guys are great! Not only were they very professional, attentive and friendly, but they were able to save me over $800 on my bills for the next year. Now I can take that cruise next summer!

– Mary (Colorado Springs, CO)

Very impressive service. I sent them my cable bill and I thought I had the lowest plan possible for $34.99 a month. You can imagine my surprise when they called to tell me they were able to save me another $15 per month for a year!

– Julie (St. Paul, MN)

  • Cheryl saved Mark $1,869 on his cell phone bill
  • David saved Ashley $840 on her electricity bill
  • Veronica saved Matt $972 on his cable, internet and phone bill

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