Best Ways to Save Money This Fall

Best Ways to Save Money This Fall

Can you smell the leaves? The pumpkin spices? The chill beginning to form in the air? Fall is here, whether or not you’re ready for summer to be over. Prices are going to fluctuate with the change in the season. Keep reading to find out the best ways to save money this fall.

At Home

Falling leaves and decomposing Jack-o-Lanterns are the perfect way to start a compost pile this fall. Getting started now means you’ll be one step ahead when spring arrives.

Make sure your roof is free of holes, destruction, and critters; and if it isn’t, repair the damage or shoo the animal away. Assess the gutters as well as the chimney. Nothing is worse than a cold, rainy winter inside the home. This helps ensure you don’t have any last minute problems during the winter.

Weatherproof your home. Chances are, you’ll be using your heater. Rather than lose all of that precious heat, weatherproof your windows, doors, and everything else you can think of. For more details on winterizing, check out how to winterize your house on the cheap.

Restock on winter essentials before they’re all snatched up. Coats, food, snowflakes (well maybe not the last one) are some important winter items that disappear as it gets closer to January.


The holidays are almost upon us, and that means holiday shopping. If you start looking around in October and November, it will be a lot easier to pick up the perfect present than if you wait closer to Christmas.

So many fruits and vegetables come into season in the fall, so don’t forget to stock up. Not only will you get cheaper produce, but it will be nice and fresh. And as always, use coupons to save even more.

Look out for fall and holiday deals and coupons. Something about the festive, fall season puts stores in a good mood. So many places are offering seasonal items for super cheap; it’d be a shame if you didn’t partake. Find out the best things to buy with our fall shopping guide.


Purchase tickets midweek. Most sales happen Tuesday through Thursday, so when planning that trip, buy on the less busy days.

Compare roundtrip flights to one-way flights. Sometimes roundtrip isn’t the way to go. If you can save more on two tickets, take that deal.

Luggage and travel accessories are going on sale. If you’re in need of a new suitcase, now’s the time to buy one for that big vacation coming up.

For more tips, check out How to Save Money When Traveling and How to Save Money on Holiday Travel Plans.


Bike riding is a great way to cheaply let off steam in the cool air, while also getting where you want to go. Exercise and saving money never felt so good.

Take a walk with the family. Talk with your kids and significant other instead of sitting in front of the TV or going out to dinner. Find new and fun ways to spend time with those you love. Parks are also a great place to go; they’re usually free and offer many great family-friendly amusements.

Harvest festivals, farmers markets, and city events are a super fun and cheap way to get outside as well. Pumpkin patches offer a great time for you and your kids, and spending time together is always a beautiful fall activity.

Check out our Weekend Family Fun series for more ways to save on entertainment: Frugal Friday Night Fun, Saturday Morning Savings and Almost Free Sunday Afternoon Activities.

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