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Buying Last Minute Christmas Gifts


Now that it’s only 5 days away from Christmas, it’s time for the procrastinators to start their shopping. Here are 8 tips for buying last minute Christmas gifts.

Online Shopping

Online retailers are still offering guaranteed delivery by Christmas so you can still scour the web for gifts. Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart and Target are great places to start because they are shipping items 24/7 through Christmas Eve.

Keep it Simple

Instead of trying to get creative, now is the time to keep it simple. Stick to items that are easy to find in stores and online so you don’t have to worry about fighting with someone else for the last Turbo-Man.

Gift Cards & Cash

Gift cards and cash are great gift choices for last minute shoppers because they are always available. Make sure to avoid gift cards with expiration dates or penalties for non-use.


Give a gift that keeps on giving. Go with a subscription to a favorite service like Netflix, or sign up your loved one for a wine of the month club.

Make a Plan

For brick and mortar retailers, making a plan is the best tip. Figure out what items you want and where to go. Stores will be packed so if you are prepared, you can get in out and more quickly.

Dollars Stores for Wrapping

Visit your local dollar stores to get the best deal on wrapping paper, bows, and bags. Your wallet will thank you.

Gift Receipts

Always get a gift receipt in case your loved one wants to return or exchange the item. While some retailers have lax return policies after the holidays, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t Stress

Even though it’s last minute, don’t stress. Keep your cool and even if you don’t find the perfect gift, life will go on.

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